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Enhancements in Calf-Tel Housing earn Hampel a SPE Thermoforming Award

Germantown, Wis. - Hampel Corporation's continuous innovation and improvements to Calf-TelŪ, the world's most durable and best-selling calf housing product, have earned the company a Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoforming Division Award. The only thermoformed calf housing product available, Calf-Tel is made through a single-sheet process that provides unmatched strength and longevity.

Hampel won the SPE Thermoforming Award - presented at the organization's annual conference - for the steady improvements the company has made to Calf-Tel since introducing the product in 1981. Converting calf housing to plastic has reduced calf mortality, disease, weaning age, and labor costs, improving farm operations around the globe

Improvements in part size, depth of draw, undercuts, and weight and nesting - combined with Hampel's continued design and functionality advancements in its deep gauge thermoforming process - have propelled Calf-Tel to become the global leader in calf housing.

Innovations and Design Improvements
With a 67-inch depth of draw - one of the industry's deepest draws possible - Hampel's mastery of thermoforming and patented process enables Calf-Tel's large size and strength.

Formed entirely from a single sheet of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE), Calf-Tel units are superior in strength and longevity. The material and design are easy to clean and resistant to most pathogens and bacteria, therefore improving calf health and performance.


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