Calf-Tel XXL Hutch

XXL Hutch is the next BIG thing in Calf-Housing.

The Calf-Tel XXL provides the most interior usable space for your calves. The XXL is 42% larger than our existing Pro & Deluxe II hutches and 29% larger than other XL hutches on the market. When a larger size hutch is preferred due to climate or management practice, the XXL is the right choice.Calf-Tel XXL Hutch

  • 29% larger than other XL hutches - larger interior with more useable calf space
  • Available in both Pro and Deluxe models - feed inside or outside
    • Optional feeding configurations
    include outside feed pail for liquid
    and a hutch or fence mounted bottle holder
  • The most efficient bedding door available.
  • Superior ventilation - ridge top vents and adjustable rear vent door - ideal for all climates.
  • Inside feeding station keeps the feed and calves dry.
  • Extremely durable and lightweight - the longest lasting hutch on the market.
  • Decreased labor and healthier calves - easy to move and clean.
  • Extra hutch length provides protection in cold and damp conditions.
  • Maximum UV protection available.
Deluxe Buckets

Available in Pro & Deluxe Models. Inside Feeding Stations Keep and Calves Dry

Calf-Tel Front Door

The new Calf-Tel front door allows you to easily close off the front of your hutches to protect your calves from extreme cold, heavy snow, or anytime you want to secure the front of your hutches for added calf protection. This easy to use door, not only secures to fences for greater flexibility, but is made with the same high density polyethylene plastic that is used on all Calf-Tel products.

  • Fits Calf-Tel Pro, Deluxe, Pro II, Deluxe II and XXL models
  • Secures to fence for greater flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

The industry’s #1 choice for calf housing, indoors or out

Calf-Tel housing systems use a unique thermoforming process along with the highest quality polyethylene plastic to achieve unmatched strength, durability and longevity. Calf-Tel family of products offers calf raisers around the world simply the best and most cost effective system for raising healthy calves.

Calf-Tel housing systems are the most durable, economical and efficient available. Our systems will help you decrease labor, treatment and veterinarian costs.

Calf-Tel XXL Hutch - Site Layout

Pro Model

Layout Configurations

XXL Layout
square equals feeding station

Deluxe Model

Layout Configurations

XXL Layout
square equals feeding station

Dimensions EnglishMetric
Outside98.5" L x 60.5" W x 59.5" H250cm L x 154cm W x 151cm H
Inside Useable Calf Space95" L x 57.25" W x 53" H241cm L x 146cm W x 135cm H
Hutch Weight86 lbs.39 kg.

More Useable Calf Space

Calf-Tel XXL hutches have 29% more interior useable calf space than other similar hutches on the market. Outside measurement are useful in determining the space required, but inside measurements are critical in choosing the right size hutch for your calves.

Space Requirements

  • With a fenced area, Calf-Tel XXL dimensions are approximately 5 ft. (152cm) wide by 14 ft. (427cm) long.
  • We recommend 1 ft. (30cm) between the calf contact points of each unit with a fence.
  • The Calf-Tel XXL allows you to configure hutches head to tail to reduce distance feeder must travel (saves time and money).

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Extended life and durability - won’t cold crack or break.

Unparalleled Ventilation
Superior airflow, both for cold and hot environments.

Totally Opaque Material
Blocks the sun’s UV rays providing cooler temperatures.

Easy Access Rear Bedding Door
The best bedding access available.

10 Year Limited Warranty!

At Hampel Corp., our products are built to last. We proudly stand behind our craftsmanship. Contact us for the complete details.


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