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Indoor PenIndoor Calf Pens
Our Calf-Tel Maternity Pen and Calf-Tel Pen System is the most cost-
effective and expandable system on the
Calf HutchCalf Hutches
Our calf hutches are the most efficient and cost-effective housing option available, which includes the Compact, ECO, Pro, Deluxe and XXL models.
Group Hutch Group Housing
The MultiMax Group House calf raising system helps calves transition from individual systems to a group environment.
Calf-Tel presents a technical seminar at the AGRA Middle East 2014 trade event • 3/28/2014
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Hampel Recognized by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce • 2/18/2014
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Hampel Wins an Award for the Calf-Tel Pen System at Society of Plastics Engineers Conference • 10/15/2013
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Calf-Tel Reaches a Social Media Milestone • 7/19/2013
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Why Calf-Tel?

Calf-Tel manufactured its first calf hutch in 1981. Since then, more dairy producers and calf raisers have chosen Calf-Tel calf hutches over any other manufactured calf housing system. Individual calf huts play a key role in successful calf raising. Calf-Tel calf hutches, calf pens and group housing help you achieve maximum success. Calf-Tel’s extensive dairy knowledge and manufacturing expertise is a winning combination. Not only does Calf-Tel have the most complete family of products: Compact calf hutch, ECO calf hutch, XXL calf hutch, Pro and Deluxe calf hutches, indoor calf Pen, maternity pen and the MultiMax super hutch, we have the most knowledgeable team of dairy professionals to help you with your calf housing needs.

There are more calves housed in Calf-Tel calf hut, calf pens and super hutches than in any other manufactured calf hutch in the world. Our first calf hutch, the Pro, is still being used today. There is no other calf hutch manufacturer that has this successful and proven longevity. Calf-Tel products are built to last and designed for success. The dairy industry trusts Calf-Tel with the future of its herd.

There are many different calf management styles, so we have developed a full line of calf hutches, indoor calf pens and group housing also known as super hutches to meet these needs. For outdoor individual calf raising, we have the: Compact Calf Hutch, ECO Calf Hutch, Pro Calf Hutch, Deluxe Calf Hutch and the XXL Calf Hutch. The Multimax group hutch is our transition group house. Our MultiMax super hutch is perfect for transitioning weaned calves into group housing. For indoor calf-raising, we have our indoor Calf Pen System and our Maternity Pen System. The Calf-Tel indoor Calf Pen system uses a patented one of kind design to help insure indoor calf raising success.

Calf-Tel has led the plastic calf hutch and plastic calf pen industry with its winning combination of dairy knowledge and manufacturing knowledge. Our manufacturing experience and expertise enables us to build an unparalleled plastic calf hutch. We are more than just a manufacturer of plastic calf hutches, plastic calf pens and plastic group hutches. Our sales team is made up of dairy experts with experience managing facilities ranging from 50 cows to 10,000 cows. Our first hand understanding of the needs of dairy producers, enables us to better help you with your calf housing. Whether you run a dairy farm with 25 cows or a large calf raising facility with thousands of calves, we have a staff of expert calf raisers to help you with your calf housing needs.